10 Low FODMAP Dressings, Condiments & Marinades You Should Try

What is a pile of French fries without ketchup? Or a hot dog without mustard? Our steaks and chicken need marinades, and our salads need dressings! We will often make our own dressings and marinades and/or there are low FODMAP certified versions out there, but did you know that there is another choice?

10 Low FODMAP Dressings, Condiments & Marinades You Should Try

We Have Identified Thousands of Low FODMAP Products

We have curated THOUSANDS of prepared products (all on our Shopping Lists) and our Monash University trained RDN Vanessa Vargas has gone over the ingredients of each and every one and some favorites are listed below.

We have spent countless hours on the phone with product manufacturers, quizzing them about hidden FODMAPs within “natural flavors” and asking the tough questions. All of these items listed below are low FODMAP – just be smart with your serving sizes. And of course, know your individual tolerances

BTW we also have an article on The Ultimate Guide to Low FODMAP Condiments that you might like to check out.

The 10 To Try

1. Annie’s Balsamic Vinaigrette: This is a great dressing to have on hand for any manner of tossed salad – or to even use as a marinade for steak. It’s Vanessa’s new fave. You might notice that there is honey listed on the ingredient label. Vanessa explains how the dressing is low FODMAP: “The vinaigrette only has 1 gram of added sugar, so even if it contains clover honey it is in a Green Light portion”.

2. Marzetti The Original Coleslaw Dressing: Warm weather is coming and we love a good coleslaw. This dressing allows you to whip one up in a flash.

Soy vey toasted sesame dressingSoy vey toasted sesame dressing

3. Soy Vay Toasted Sesame Dressing: Looking for Asian flavors of soy and sesame? This dressing works as a dressing or marinade for everything from tofu, to poultry, seafood and meats – or even just vegetables. It has a fantastic gingery, peppery kick to it. Note that the company’s own description on their website of this dressing is “garlicky”but we have confirmed with the manufacturer that no garlic is in the product. (Seriously making it hard for FODMAPers!)

4. Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce: Let’s talk about Worcestershire Sauce! Many traditional brands contain garlic, as does this one, but Monash University has tested Worcestershire sauces and there are low FODMAP amounts that are Elimination safe. As you know, the low FODMAP diet very often comes down to amounts of items, and not necessarily the items themselves. This is my go-to for Worcestershire Sauce and we love the flavor it provides in our homemade marinades and other preparations.

5. Heinz Tomato Ketchup: While we are talking about high FODMAP products in low FODMAP foods, we should also discuss conventional ketchup. Again, typical supermarket ketchup has been tested and is low FODMAP in small amounts. If you want garlic-free and onion-free ketchup, we love Fody Foods, which is low FODMAP in larger amounts. If you want to try regular supermarket ketchup, go ahead! Many people tolerate it just fine.

6. Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard: This is the Dijon mustard that we use in the Test Kitchen. It has a classic flavor that we love.

7. 365 Organic Yellow Mustard: If you want a milder mustard, try this Whole Foods house brand. (If out of stock at Amazon, just pick up in your local Whole Foods Store)

8. Tabasco, original red pepper sauce: We always have hot sauce around and Tabasco is tried and true. Some folks with IBS are highly affected by spicy foods. You know who you are – so skip this one!

9. Best Foods Real Mayonnaise: Many conventional mayonnaises are naturally low FODMAP due to the typical ingredients – and then some have “natural flavors” listed that you must call the manufacturer about, because garlic and onion can be hidden within this listing. Best Foods brands can be found at Wal-Mart.

10. Red Boat Fish Sauce: Fish sauce brings a singular flavor to our Asian cooking, so we always have it in the pantry. If you have never used it before, start out with small amounts, as it can be very salty in larger quantities. If you end up with an overly salted dish, try balancing it out with something sweet a something sour (like sugar and lime juice). One thing for sure is that brands vary tremendously in flavor and saltiness. We use Red Boat in the Test Kitchen and our recipes are balanced to work with this brand.

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