10 Signs Mold Might Be Causing Your Health Issues

Mold Alert! This sneaky guest in our homes can seriously mess with our health. If you’re experiencing any of these 10 health issues, you might just have mold lurking around your pad. Keep an eye out!

Chronic Coughing and Sneezing

woman sneezing into hand.
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Exposure to mold spores can lead to persistent coughing and sneezing, especially in mold-sensitive individuals.

Respiratory Distress

man's breathing being checked.man's breathing being checked.
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Difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath can be a direct result of mold inhalation, particularly in those with asthma.

Skin Irritation

man itching skin.man itching skin.
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Redness, itching, or rashes on the skin can be a reaction to mold exposure, especially in sensitive individuals.

Watery Eyes

irritated eyeball.irritated eyeball.
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Mold spores can irritate the eyes, leading to excessive watering and itchiness.

Sinus Congestion

woman with sinus issues.woman with sinus issues.
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Mold can cause nasal stuffiness and sinus congestion, making it hard to breathe through the nose.

Throat Irritation

sick man wearing hat.sick man wearing hat.
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A sore or itchy throat can be a sign of mold exposure, especially if it persists over time.

Chronic Fatigue

tired student.tired student.
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Feeling constantly tired or fatigued, despite adequate rest, can be linked to mold exposure.


man with headache.man with headache.
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Frequent headaches or migraines might be a result of mold in the environment, especially if other symptoms are present.


young girl sneezing into tissue.young girl sneezing into tissue.
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A whistling sound when breathing, or wheezing, can be a sign of mold-induced respiratory issues.

Memory Issues

brain and question marks in graphic.brain and question marks in graphic.
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Some individuals report memory problems or difficulty concentrating when exposed to mold over extended periods.

If You Have Mold in Your Home

Woman looking at mold under her counter 10 Signs Mold Might Be Causing Your Health Issues
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Mold can look like spots. It can be many different colors, and it can smell musty. If you see or smell mold, you should remove it. You do not need to know the type of mold. For guidance on how to get rid of mold visit the CDC website on Clean-Up and Remediation of Mold

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