12 of The Most Adorable Words Kids Mispronounce

I find an irresistible charm in the way children twist and turn the language, crafting their own delightful versions of words we take for granted. Whether it’s transforming “noodles” into “noo-noos” or inventing entirely new phrases that somehow perfectly capture their meaning, these mispronunciations are more than just cute errors. They’re a testament to the creativity and adaptability of young minds.

And the best part? Some of these “new” words are so endearing that they become a permanent part of our family vocabulary, cherished and used long after the child has grown. Here are some of our favorites.


child at refrigerator.
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This common kitchen appliance is a long word. Not all kids can say it. How about “friderdator”. Close enough.

Chuck E. Cheese

CHuck E Cheese.CHuck E Cheese.
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If you have ever experienced Chuck E. Cheese, you know it is a kid’s paradise. This pizza, games, and character driven party restaurant is popular for kid’s birthday parties. But if your kid calls it “Chunky Jesus”, you might want to advise them to eat their pizza and not converse too much.


beautiful woman.beautiful woman.
Photo credit: Mikhail Nilov via Canva.

Got milk? Everything’s going along smoothly until you realize your child cannot pronounce “k” sounds, and instead is inserting “f” sounds. We’ll give you a moment.


child using computer.child using computer.
Photo credit: Ryan Delfin via Canva.

Kids are getting introduced to computers earlier and earlier. Toddlers might not be able to say it, but most of them can say “pooter”.


Photo credit: Karolina Grabowska via Canva.

Almonds are a healthy nut. Salmon is healthy, too. But almonds, as “salmons”? That’s a new one.


blueberries in hand.blueberries in hand.
Photo credit: Burst via Canva.

Kids love blueberries. They are sweet, you get to eat blue food, and can pick them up one by one with your fingers. Saying their name properly is not high priority. How about “boobies”, as in, “I want boobies with my cereal”.


2 elevators.2 elevators.
Photo credit: greissdesign via Canva.

Not everyone is exposed to elevators from a young age. The open and close. They are a bit scary, even mysterious. How about calling them “alligators”?

Graham Crackers

Graham Crackers.Graham Crackers.
Photo credit: bhofack2 via DepositPhotos.

Graham crackers used to be a classic school snack. Imagine the look on the pre-school teacher’s face when your kid asks for the “damn crackers”. And BTW, we have a S’mores Cupcake recipe you gotta try.


strawberries Ingredientstrawberries Ingredient
Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

It is a great idea to expose your children to all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. We like to think that if one asked for some “strawbabies”, we would know what they meant.


fork twirling in spaghetti & meatballs, in a white bowlfork twirling in spaghetti & meatballs, in a white bowl
Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

All kids love spaghetti and noodles, but it is spaghetti that gets butchered as a word quite often. How about “pisketti”, “busketti”, “bisketti”, “pasketti” are just a few we’ve heard.


white kitchen.white kitchen.
Photo credit: Dmitry Zvolskiy via Canva.

“Hey Ma, get me some damn crackers from the “chicken’!”


happy birthday cookiehappy birthday cookie
Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

And we will end with this hilarious – and accurate – version of birthday. “Burst-day!” Check out this recipe for a Birthday Cookie, for a fun alternative.

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