15 Year Anniversary of The Healthy Home Economist!

Today marks the 15th anniversary of my very first post on The Healthy Home Economist blog. 🥳

What a ride it’s been!

Here are a few fun facts about this Labor of Love:

  • The blog has 2259 published articles, 1998 of which I authored.
  • The hundreds of guest articles are written by a wide range of over 30 experts in their field including dentists, medical doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, dieticians, nutritionists, homeopaths and farmers!
  • My youngest child was 4 years old when I started and is now a sophomore in college!
  • The blog has over 500 recipes organized into 16 primary categories (with many more subcategories).
  • There are 289 natural remedies on the blog to help with all manner of health challenges.
  • I’ve filmed well over 300 videos demonstrating traditional cooking techniques in my home kitchen.
  • The Healthy Home Plus membership library contains 283 articles covering important controversial health content that is highly censored in search engines and social media.
  • The blog’s social media presence from all channels totals over 250,000 followers. This has all been gained organically…I’ve never paid for my fans!
  • I’ve published three books (one was an Amazon #1 bestseller!) and another 4 eBooks available via Healthy Home Plus.
  • The most popular page on the blog continues to be the homepage, the same as it has been since 2009. To me, this is a testament to all of you…dear readers…continuing to share the simple, enduring wisdom of traditional diet and natural health with your family and friends in the face of so many faddish diet philosophies that become all the rage for a time and then disappear within a few years.

Many of you have been with me from the beginning….

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued encouragement and friendship 🥰

Article and recipe comments from you are so incredibly important for traditional diet newcomers!

Not to mention that your engagement is incredibly helpful feedback for me too!

As to my future plans?

Hint: Here’s to 15 more years! 🥂

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