Beware of Midnight Doorbell Surprises: A Close Encounter with a Curious Black Bear

Amherst, MA – Imagine being jolted awake by the sound of your doorbell ringing in the dead of night. Panic sets in as thoughts of an impending disaster race through your mind. This is exactly what happened to our neighbor John, a resident of Amherst, Massachusetts, whose peaceful slumber was abruptly disrupted at 12:30 am by an unexpected visitor. Little did he know that the seemingly urgent ring of the doorbell would unveil a remarkable encounter with nature.

click here for bear ringing doorbell video
Screen capture from video of a black bear ringing a doorbell. Image credit: Robin Jaffin via John


Instinctively fearing the worst, John hurried to the door, preparing himself for a potential fire or emergency. However, a moment of cautious intuition led him to pause before swinging open the door. Thanks to modern technology, John decided to rely on his security camera system, accessing the live feed from his phone to assess the situation. What he discovered left him astounded—a massive black bear had been standing right at his doorstep!

In disbelief, John watched the video replay as the inquisitive bear leaned forward, extending a paw towards the doorbell. Fortunately, John’s door was securely locked, acting as the barrier between him and the curious creature outside. The bear, seemingly enticed by the lingering aroma of bacon from an earlier meal, had made an unexpected detour from its usual transit path.

Reflecting on the incident, John chuckled at the comical nature of the encounter. “I guess my cooking really caught the bear’s attention,” he mused. He was relieved that he had taken the precaution of checking the security camera before opening the door. Though most bears would amble off as they prefer to avoid encountering humans as well.

As news of the unusual nocturnal doorbell ringer spreads through the community, John’s video has become a local sensation. Neighbors are marveling at the footage, emphasizing the importance of remaining vigilant and cautious, even in the most ordinary moments. It serves as a vivid reminder of the enchanting wildlife that coexists alongside us in Amherst, MA.

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