Essential Information On How To Keep Your Dog Safe This July 4th Holiday

Many of us are making plans for the fourth of July: cookouts, family get-togethers, days at the beach, and of course, where we are going to watch fireworks? But what about your pup? Many dogs have anxiety around fireworks, and consequently, July 5th is a super busy day at animal shelters and veterinary hospitals where dogs that have run away end up. There are steps you can take to make sure your dog is safe – and, if they run away, that can help you be reunited.

Signs of an Overheated Dog

sad dog.
Photo credit: Mateusz Taciak via Canva.

The first week of July can be a scorcher, and dogs experience heat differently from humans. They cannot sweat like we do, but they do pant; that is one way they expel excess heat. If the panting become frantic, please take note. Other signs of over-heating are labored breathing, extreme salivation, diarrhea, vomiting, and bright-red gums. These are all warning signs that your dog is overheated, as are disorientation, lethargy, staggering, collapsing or convulsion.

If their temperature rises to over 106 degrees Fahrenheit (taken rectally), they can no longer cool themselves. This might sound high, but temperatures outside of 80 degrees Fahrenheit with 90% humidity can push them over the edge.

And NEVER leave a dog in a car unattended. Temperatures rise quickly and dangerously in cars and a dog can overheat in a matter of minutes.

How to Cool Dogs Down

corgi drinking water.corgi drinking water.
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If you believe your dog is overheating you have to act quickly. Overheating can kill a dog if left untreated or treated too late. So do not take these signs lightly.

Move your dog to a cooler area, and place near a fan if possible. If you have a cooling mat, use it now, or take a towel and ring it out in cold water and have the dog lay down on the towel. You can also apply cool compresses to the bottom of their feet, ears and head; a cool, wet towel can be draped over their body as well. Encourage the dog to drink cool water.

Do not use ice or frozen packs for any of these things as that could create shock. If you do not see a change for the better in short order or you still have concerns you need to get them to an ER vet quickly. Time is seriously of the essence when dogs overheat.

Dogs & Fireworks

red fireworks in skyred fireworks in sky
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Fireworks bring unusual smells, sounds and sights, all of which can upset a dog and even cause them to panic. Dogs that are affected by fireworks might hide, tremble, whine, or even run away.

Keeping Dogs Safe on The Fourth of July Holiday

puppy in crate.puppy in crate.
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Talk to your vet ahead of time as they might suggest something for the dog to take that will calm them. Choices could range from a CBD product to something the vet prescribes. Do not give your dog anything that you haven’t cleared with your vet.

There are even dog-calming vests. Look up “anti-anxiety vests” to see what is available.

Keep your dog away from anywhere there are fireworks, even smaller consumer type fireworks.

Create a safe space for them. Consider moving their bed to a room or floor in your house where the outside noises are at a minimum. Use their crate, if they are familiar and comfortable in one, and make sure to provide your dog with some favorite toys and treats.

Turn on a fan or use your computer or phone to play white noise near the dog, to drown out firework noise.

Before the Fireworks Start

woman walking dog.woman walking dog.
Photo credit: Gabe via Canva.

Give your dog a good long walk, as they will most likely be sequestered away for a few hours that evening.

Talk To Your Dog The Right Way

woman and Shiba_.woman and Shiba_.
Photo credit: Vlada Karpovich via Canva.

If you stay home, you can comfort your dog, but there are ways to do this that will help – and ways that will make things worse. If you have anxiety around the fact that your dog is upset, that stress will be detectable to them.

Hug them. Talk to them in soothing tones. However, if all you can get out is “it’s OK, it’s OK” repeated over and over again in a nervous way, that will not help, and might make things worse. Check in with yourself. You can even read them a book as your tone will be more normal and soothing.

Make Sure Your Dog Has ID

scanning for microchip in dog.scanning for microchip in dog.
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Make sure your dog has proper identification. They should have a collar on, with an ID tag, and most importantly, hopefully they are microchipped; there is a much better chance of you being reunited if they should run away.

AKC Reunite

family hugging hugging dog.
Photo credit: Ketut Subiyanto via Canva.

The AKC offers a service called AKC Reunite. If your dog is microchipped, you can register them for a nominal one-time fee (less than $20). Then, if your runaway dog is found and brought to a vet or shelter that has a microchip scanner, they can get you back together ASAP!

If you have lost a dog or found a dog, you can call the AKC Reunite service at 800-252-7894 to get the ball rolling. And you can read some happy reunion stories on their website.

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