Exercising Your Willingness Muscles

Sometimes the way your mind tries to deliver that information is not helpful or accurate. But the pain shows up for a reason. And usually that reason is linked to your values. Sometimes, the reason is that you care so much about something that it hurts. When you care deeply, you risk feeling the pain of failure, loss, rejection, grief, etc. Other times, painful feelings show up to alert you that there is something untenable about a situation, relationship, or context, and to compel you to take actions to protect, advocate for, and take care of yourself.

Acceptance allows you to make space for your feelings, to notice your experience with curiosity and compassion, and to choose how to respond in a way that moves you toward your values.

Sometimes that response involves persisting and acknowledging that the discomfort is likely to come along for the ride as the price of growth and vitality. Sometimes the response involves setting a boundary, saying no, speaking up for yourself, or removing yourself from a situation that is unsafe or out of alignment with what you want or need.

Think of acceptance in the context of working out.

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