From Caffeine Naps to Coffee Art: 12 Coffee Facts That Will Leave You Buzzing

You might be one of the 1 billion people in the world who drink about 2 billion cups of coffee every day, but other than thinking about how quickly you can get to that hot (or iced) cup, and how it tastes, you probably don’t think much about it. Here are 12 surprising facts about coffee you might not know. Like caffeine naps. Have you heard about them?

Coffee Origins 

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According to legend, the discovery of coffee can be attributed to a goat herder from Ethiopia named Kaldi. It is said that he observed his goats becoming restless after consuming ripe coffee beans. Making a jump from goat food to something crave-able for humans is a bold leap.

What Is Coffee, Anyway?

harvesting coffee beans.harvesting coffee beans.
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Coffee is a seed contained within a cherry and has numerous varieties. Arabica and robusta are the two varieties to know about. Arabica is considered to be a finer variety, with milder and more palate-pleasing, balanced aromatic qualities; it is also grown at higher altitudes. Robusta is bolder, sometimes described as bitter, and contains much more caffeine (up to twice as much). Robusta is often used to make instant coffee.

Growing Coffee Uses A Lot of Water

water droplet.water droplet.
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While water consumption in beef production is often discussed, it’s worth noting that the cultivation of a pound of coffee requires approximately 2,500 gallons of water, compared to 1,800 gallons for a pound of beef. Are you willing to give up your coffee? We thought not.

Who Drinks The Most Coffee?

couple drinking coffee.couple drinking coffee.
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This surprised us. It’s Americans! The United States leads in coffee consumption, followed closely by Germany.

What Does That “100% Coffee” Mean On The Label?

woman looking shocked.woman looking shocked.
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Beware of labels proclaiming “100% pure coffee” as an assurance of quality, as it is actually an admission of using lower quality robusta beans blended with the preferred arabica beans. If it says 100% Arabica beans, then it is. 100% coffee sounds good, but it isn’t. Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and McDonalds, for example, only use Arabica beans.

Prioritize “Roasted On” Date Over “Best By” Date

coffee beans and cup of beans and cup of coffee.
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To gauge coffee freshness accurately, focus on the roasted date rather than the point when it becomes undrinkable. This consideration is crucial for discerning coffee quality.

Go For Single Source Over Blends

coffee art in art in cups.
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When choosing between a specific grading like Kenya AA, and a brand’s blend like Rise and Shine Morning Blend, opt for the option with greater specificity. Some brands cut costs by incorporating lower-graded beans into their blends. If a company primarily offers blends among their range of coffees, it may raise doubts about their credibility.

Don’t Buy Too Much At a Time

coffee beans and beans and bag.
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Coffee deteriorates over time, and reputable roasters prefer their product to be consumed within a couple of weeks, ensuring optimal flavor. Buy the amount you would use up in that time frame.

What’s The Best Way To Store Coffee?

woman in blue shirt holding finger up.woman in blue shirt holding finger up.
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What’s the best way to store your coffee to maximize its freshness and flavors? According to the National Coffee Association store them in an opaque, air-tight container at room temperature, in a dark and cool location. That’s right! Not the refrigerator or freezer.

Coffee’s Flavor Complexity Surpasses Chocolate & Wine

coffee being poured into cupcoffee being poured into cup
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Coffee offers an extensive range of aromatic characteristics, with some sources claiming up to 1,500 flavors, compared to the about 600 in cacao, and about 200 found in wine. The diverse flavor profiles found in coffee contribute to its captivating nature.

Espresso’s Caffeine Content vs. Brewed Coffee

barista making espresso.barista making espresso.
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Although espresso has higher caffeine concentration by volume, a 1-ounce shot of espresso contains significantly less caffeine compared to an 8-ounce cup of brewed coffee. The smaller serving size of espresso translates to reduced caffeine intake. And PS: Don’t say “EX-presso”. That’s just wrong.

Fresh Coffee Is Best

assorted cups of coffee.assorted cups of coffee.
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Coffee loses approximately 70% of its flavor within two minutes. As per coffee connoisseurs, coffee is considered stale after 15 minutes. This highlights the importance of consuming coffee promptly after brewing to savor its full range of flavors.

Caffeine Naps Are a Real Thing

woman napping.woman napping.
Photo credit: EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA via Canva.

Caffeine naps are a real phenomenon and can be highly effective. To maximize the benefits of an afternoon nap, consume a cup of coffee before dozing off. Researchers have found that this combination leads to increased alertness upon waking.

Cat Poop Coffee

civet cat sleeping on tree branch.civet cat sleeping on tree branch.
Photo credit: Mikhail Nilov via Canva.

We know you want to know about the very expensive coffee beans that have been pooped out by the Asian palm civet (a type of wild feline). The cat dines on the coffee cherries. During digestion, the cherries ferment, and the intact beans are excreted. The beans and feces are collected and go through rigorous washing and cleaning before they are roasted. It is a very labor intensive process, which ultimately imparts an exceptional flavor to the beans. Kopi Luwak coffee, which can reach $100 per pound. By the way, Kopi means coffee, and Luwak means cat.

Thai Elephant Poop Coffee

elephants walking away.elephants walking away.
Photo credit: GregMontani via Canva.

Now that you read about cat poop coffee, we figure you’d want to know about the Thai version made by elephants. It is made the same way and called black ivory coffee. Apparently, there is monkey poop coffee, too.

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