Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

The alternative to resistance is willingness.

Willingness is getting comfortable being uncomfortable and allowing our internal experience to be as it is without trying to control or change it. When we are no longer caught trying to wrestle with and get rid of our anxiety, we get to choose what we do instead.

  • We can decide to be brave and take a flight to go visit family we haven’t seen in years.

  • We can decide to be vulnerable and go out on a first date.

  • We can decide to be bold and ask for a raise.

  • We can decide to take care of ourselves and schedule that check up, or take care of others and go donate blood.

  • We can love more deeply, fully, and wholeheartedly when we are willing to allow the possibility or even the probability that we may one day lose those we love.

When we are comfortable being uncomfortable, our life expands. We can allow ourselves to care deeply about what matters most in our lives. We get to make a choice about who and how we want to be in the world, and about what actions are important enough to us to allow ourselves to feel the pounding heart, sweaty palms, shaky legs, racing mind that comes with anxiety.


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