KISS Part 2: Tips for Your Health Goals Success

Hello again! My last post focused on the KISS method for child health, and today I want to expand on that concept for ourselves. In the spirit of simplicity, I’m back with more tips to help you weave health and happiness seamlessly into your daily routine. So, let’s keep the ball rolling with some straightforward, effective, SIMPLE tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle without the overwhelm.

First up on our list is the art of simple meals. I often felt overwhelmed when researching healthy meal ideas. Many of the recipes or ideas I looked at were packed with a huge ingredient list and long list of steps to get to the meal. I barely had time to read through all the instructions, much less make the damned thing!

However, I’ve since realized that I can make incredibly healthy and enjoyable meals that are very simple. The secret lies in the basics – a good source of healthy protein paired with something fresh. Think grilled chicken with a side of vibrant greens or an organic apple sausage sauteed with some garbanzo beans and brown rice.

The beauty of this approach is its flexibility; there’s no need for a perfect meal plan etched in stone. Allow yourself the freedom to experiment. I go to the store, pick out a good amount of protein items that look good to me, grab a stack of various produce items I like, and then pair them up as I go!

Our next tip truly is not complicated at all, yet it packs a massive punch! Let’s talk grains – whole grains, to be precise. Swapping out white rice and bread for their whole grain counterparts can do wonders for your body. These nutrient-rich options keep you fuller longer and provide your body with essential nutrients. My mom always called white bread “napkin bread” in that it was as nutritious as eating a paper napkin! So while this has always been an easy transition for me, it can take some time to get used to.

For anyone who has lamented at the difficulty of the switch, I always come back to the same advice from Stephanie Anderson in Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is! Start small by incorporating the whole grains with what you’re currently used to, like adding some brown rice with your white rice. It’s a great way to get used to the new flavor and texture until you’re ready for the full switch. And it’s simple too! (Remember, we are KISSing for each of these steps!)

Hydration, hydration, hydration – we hear it all the time, but let’s make it fun, shall we? Investing in a water bottle that sparks joy every time you look at it can genuinely change your water-drinking habits. Whether it’s a bottle with an inspiring quote, a funky design, or just your favorite color, find one that you love to carry around. You’ll be surprised at how much more water you’ll drink just because your bottle is a delight to use.

I personally found one with a skinny bottom (so it fits in my car cupholder), a bright purple color that caught my eye, a straw and a material that I can put stickers on! Ok, straws and stickers, I might be hanging out with my kids too much, but it works for me and keeps me happy!

Now, let’s talk exercise! The thought of starting an intense workout routine can be daunting and for some reason we often feel the need to do one if we want to get healthy. But here’s a little secret: you don’t have to! The key is to find joy in movement. Start with what feels good – morning stretches to awaken your body, a gentle yoga session to find your zen, or a leisurely walk in the sunshine to boost your mood and get some vitamin D. There’s no one-size-fits-all here; the best activity is the one you enjoy because that’s what you’ll stick with.

And here’s another simple tip that made a big difference for me. Your movement time can be quick! It’s sometimes hard to feel like you have to workout for a set amount of time, burn a certain number of calories or get sweaty to get a good, healthy workout in. Come back to our KISS method and just do something. Five minutes of stretching, a ten-minute walk, meditation in the shower, whatever works for you.

Last but not least, let’s talk produce. We’ve all been there – buying a bunch of fresh veggies and fruits, only to watch them wilt away in the fridge. It’s frustrating and wasteful. Enter the game-changer: produce bags like Debbie Meyer GreenBags. These nifty bags extend the life of your fresh produce, giving you more time to enjoy them at their best. It’s a simple solution that reduces waste, saves money, and makes healthy eating more accessible.

In our journey towards health, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking we need to do everything at once – to go full throttle from day one. But in reality, this approach often leads to overwhelm and, eventually, burnout. Keeping health simple isn’t just about making it easier; it’s about making it sustainable, stress-free, and yes, even fun. By incorporating these straightforward tips into your life, you’ll find that a healthy lifestyle isn’t just attainable; it’s a joyous part of your everyday existence.

Remember, the journey to health doesn’t have to be a sprint; it’s a delightful stroll through choices that make you feel good, inside and out. Always remember to KISS and take it one simple step at a time, and let’s enjoy this journey together.

Want more simple, easy-to-do health tips? Check out the wonderous Adventures of a Self-Healther blog by Paula Widish! Even better, grab her amazing magazine, Trophia. She’s my absolute go-to when I’m looking for more health tips and tricks!

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