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Casa de Sante is the first and only provider to pair prescribed GLP-1 medication with low FODMAP certified protein powders and supplements. Our comprehensive program is designed to enhance the benefits of GLP-1 therapy while easing common GI side effects.
Prescribed GLP-1 Medication
Our licensed medical providers prescribe leading GLP-1 medications like Ozempic™ and Mounjaro™ and monitor your progress.
Low FODMAP Certified Nutrition
Complement your GLP-1 journey with our proprietary low FODMAP certified protein blends and supplements, specifically designed to minimize digestive side effects, offering a comprehensive and more comfortable approach to GLP-1 assisted weight loss.
360° Support
We pair you with a dedicated dietitian and provide personalized meal plans, recipes, and resources to support your success.

★★★★★ “LOVE LOVE LOVE your products! Digestively challenged persons DREAM…” – Rachel

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