MQ Mental Health Research in New Documentary

MQ Mental Health Research has been featured in a new documentary film produced by The film gives an insightful view into MQ’s mission, and why mental health research is so important in the role of changing the outcomes for millions of people worldwide.

One of the critical points underscored in the film is the stark disparity in funding. Despite the profound impact mental health has on individuals and society, it remains underfunded compared to physical health research. This lack of investment hampers our ability to develop effective treatments and support systems. MQ is championing the cause to secure more funding, advocating that mental health should be prioritized on par with physical health.

Over 900 million people are living with a mental health condition today, and over 700,000 people die by suicide globally each year. These staggering figures highlight the urgent need for comprehensive data and research, especially in low- and middle-income countries where information is often scarce. Depression alone is on track to be the biggest burden of disease globally by 2030, with a greater number of disability life years lost than any other condition.

26 times more is invested in just cancer research than in all mental health research. This is why MQ Mental Health Research supports scientists working to better understand mental health conditions, developing new and more effective treatments and interventions, and even working on ways to prevent mental illnesses from developing in the first place.

“The first word that comes to my mind when I think about mental health research is inequity.” Says Professor Vikram Patel, Professor of Global Health at Harvard Medical School who features in the new documentary film produced for

“If there was one really important area that I believe requires a lot more investment in mental health research, it is to understand how we can minimize the exposure to adversities in early childhood all the way through into young adulthood that we know are profoundly important in shaping the mental health of an individual across their life course.”

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