Relax and Unwind: Ways to deal with stress and methods to fall asleep

MARYLAND – Wake up. Work. Repeat. It’s hard to fall asleep when you’re stressed, and day-to-day life can seem mundane, and overtime can produce anxiety and even be stressful at times.

Recent surveys report that Maryland is number 5 on the list when it comes to not being able to unwind after work, leading to sleep deprivation and insomnia, and number 6 when it comes to residents being able to fall asleep overall.  Studies also show that people who work more than 39 hours a week have a harder time falling asleep at night.

Stress can take a toll on us all. Everyday life can come with anxiety, depression, and restlessness. Dr. Danielle Giddins, a Chief Wellness officer at Tidal Health, says there are many ways one can handle the pressure of the world around us. “First, taking a break from social media and TV and anything stressful and trying to unwind by either spending time with pets, spending time with friends and family that are calming.”

Many Salisbury residents adhere to Dr. Giddins’ advice and take these steps to relax daily. “After work, we like to go on evening walks with our dog Kuumba around the neighborhood and play with her. It’s a really nice way to end the day, “said Shelby Tomlinson of Salisbury.  Jordan Ray, who works in the mayor’s office, also told us about his relaxation methods. “I love taking strolls here in downtown Salisbury, having a good lunch at Unity Square, and also taking my dog for a walk.”

While some take steps to prepare themselves mentally when it comes to unwinding after a long day, others take more alternative methods once they get home. Anthony Darby, CEO of Peninsula Consulting, says some Marylanders have turned to cannabis to help with relaxation and insomnia. “We think about sleep in 2 different ways, we think about falling asleep, and then we think about staying asleep, and that’s where cannabis or the types of cannabis you use can be helpful.”

Dr. Giddins, however, suggests mindfulness or meditation. “Studies also show taking 10 deep breaths a day really helps with relaxation… Also, this time of year, it’s especially great to spend some time in nature, that really does help to calm your nervous system and make it easier for you to fall asleep.”

Salisbury resident Jay Kitzrow is a prime example that what the Dr. prescribed works! “To relax I do yard work, in fact, yesterday I just trimmed a bunch of trees in the yard, and then also to spend time with my grandchildren. I have 4 of my 6 grandchildren that live in Sailsbury and so I get to see them quite often. Sometimes I like to go to the beach, and the weather’s starting to get that way, so I’ll be able to do that more often.”

The CDC reports that adults 18–60 years old should get 7 hours or more of sleep, and that school aged children should been getting between 9 and 12 hours. They say benefits of sleep can help reduce stress and improve your moods, you’ll get sick less often, and it can improve your heart health and metabolism.


By  Tierra Williams

OP Marquee Broadcasting Inc.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

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