Research Update: Grapes and the Low FODMAP Diet

Calling all our FODMAP followers… we have news that might be important for you. Monash University has published a research update on the FODMAP content of grapes. Unfortunately, grapes no longer have a reasonable low FODMAP serving size and have been reclassified as high FODMAP for excess fructose. Sad news, we know! So what does this mean for you? We’re going to talk you through how the FODMAP content of grapes has changed over the years and if you need to change your diet (some of you won’t).

Why were grapes retested for FODMAPs?

There is one thing that is certain and that is nothing stays the same forever. Changing environmental and food factors affect the FODMAP content of foods. For example, the composition of foods can change over time due to growing conditions, environmental factors,  the variety/breeding of the food the manufacturers grow, as well as how the food is stored and ripened (1). Due to these reasons, Monash University sometimes revisits a particular food and tests it again to see if the FODMAP levels have changed.

How have the FODMAP levels for grapes changed over the years?

Over the past few years, the low FODMAP serving size for grapes has changed. 

Before December 2021 grapes were low FODMAP in large 1 cup servings.

In December 2021, Monash University updated the serving size—grapes were low FODMAP in 6 grape servings, then became high FODMAP for excess fructose.

June 2024 Monash University updated the serving size for grapes again. Now grapes are only low FODMAP in a 2 grape serving (not enough for a snack) and 3 grapes or more contain excess fructose.

Make sure you download the Monash University FODMAP Diet App for more information.

Why do my FODMAP lists show different FODMAP information for grapes?

Most FODMAP food lists you find online or that are given out by healthcare professionals contain out-of-date information. The FODMAP diet is always evolving as new research is released by Monash University and food lists often become outdated within a few months. We recommend buying the Monash University FODMAP Diet App, which has been made by the Monash University FODMAP research team. This app contains the most up-to-date information on the FODMAP content of foods.

We also regularly update our basic high FODMAP and low FODMAP food lists available through our FODMAP Made Easy Program.

Does the new serving size for grapes change any of the A Little Bit Yummy recipes?

The new serving size information for grapes has affected two of the recipes on A Little Bit Yummy. Our creamy chicken salad used grapes, so we have reduced the grape content and added a low FODMAP serving of dried cranberries to help replace the juicy pops of sweetness from the grapes. Additionally, our low FODMAP cheese board used grapes as a yummy fruit option. We recommend swapping those out for cantaloupe/rockmelon instead. This melon is lovely with savoury cheeses and cured meats.

Do I need to remove grapes from my diet?

If you have been eating grapes and haven’t experienced an increase in gut symptoms, there is no need to remove them from your diet.

If you are just starting the low FODMAP diet or struggling to improve your symptoms, try removing grapes from your diet for a couple of weeks to see if that helps reduce your symptoms. Then you can test your tolerance to excess fructose and make an educated decision on whether to reintroduce grapes back into your diet.

How is A Little Bit Yummy handling the FODMAP updates?

We’ve already audited and updated our low FODMAP recipes and blog articles to reflect the new updates. Additionally, we’ve updated all of our downloadable FODMAP handouts, food guides, and online FODMAP courses in our FODMAP Made Easy program.

That means you can continue to use our resources with confidence.

Final Thoughts

We know that the changes in FODMAP ratings can feel frustrating. Our top recommendation is to focus on the low FODMAP serving sizes of foods you can enjoy during the first phase of the low FODMAP diet. Also, remember that a strict low FODMAP diet isn’t for life. Once you know your tolerance level to excess fructose you might be able to bring large servings of grapes back into your diet. 



Monash FODMAP Team. Retested Foods – Why The FODMAP Content Might Change. Monash University Low FODMAP Blog. Retrieved from: Retrieved on: 2024-07-10

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