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This butter chicken is one of my favorite recipes. It takes a little time, but it’s very easy to make. If you love warm spices like cumin and coriander, you will love this recipe. The buttery sauce adds rich flavor without being heavy.

Do you have to use ghee to make Butter Chicken?

You can use regular butter in place of the ghee. Ghee has a deeper flavor than butter and I prefer it, but regular butter will work nicely for it. Ghee has the milk solids removed, which brings out more flavor. It is less creamy than regular butter. The bottom line is, use ghee for the best flavor, but if you don’t have any, this dish is still delicious with butter.

Can I Substitute The Yogurt in the Marinade?

Yes, you could also use coconut milk for the marinade in this recipe. Substitute for the same amount.

Can I Use Bone-in Chicken With Skin For This Recipe?

Yes, drumsticks are great for this recipe. You could also use a fryer chicken that has been cut up into pieces. Bone-in chicken with skin can be marinated for much longer than boneless chicken. It can be marinated for several hours or overnight. Bone-in chicken takes a little longer to cook. Be sure the internal temperature has reach 165°F.

SCD Easy Butter Chicken | Happy Gut For Life
  • Whisk together yogurt, lime juice, salt and pepper

  • Add chicken to mixture so it is completely covered

  • Marinate at least one hour

  • Add two tablespoons of the ghee to a pan

  • Add the garlic, red pepper flakes, coriander, and cumin

  • Heat over medium heat until the ghee is melted and mixture starts to brown a little bit

  • Melt the rest of the ghee into the mixture

  • Add the chicken (brush off excess marinade) and cook for five to six minutes on each side

  • Add one cup of water

  • Simmer for 10 – 15 minutes until half of the liquid had reduced

  • Serve over riced cauliflower, lentils, spaghetti squash or on its own

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