Spring Detox Time for Body and Home

Hello and happy spring! Spring is such a wonderful time of year full of new life, fresh colors, wonderous rain, relaxing weather and the ever-so-popular spring cleaning. But have you ever thought of spring cleaning your body? What a perfect way to embrace the new season after all those bundled-up hibernation months of winter. I’m definitely ready to awaken the cold-weather sleepiness I indulged in for the last six months!

Working with SRP for the last eight years has given me a pro-level knowledge of our products and articles. In thinking about a spring detox, I instantly thought of half a dozen resources that would aid me on my journey. Now, I share that glorious knowledge with you!

Let’s dive into some spring cleaning ideas!

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from SRP is the immense importance of fermented foods in my diet. The most important benefit is the lactic acid in ferments because it is lactic acid that feeds the intestinal flora and creates the correct pH levels in the gut. This is a critical protection for gut health.

Not only did I not understand how beneficial fermented foods are, but I also didn’t realize how EASY they are to make! Fermenting foods is so simple and can be done with a wide variety of foods. Get yourself a jar, produce of your choice, some high-quality salt and spring water. It truly is that easy.

I tested a sauerkraut recipe from Udderly Cultured, The Art of Milk Fermentation by Phyllis Quinn. The result was delicious and shockingly simple to make. I then tried the same process with carrots, green beans, and radishes. I even put them all in the same jar! The carrots were my favorite, but they all were yummy! I love making my own ferments because you can tailor them to your particular likes by adding different spices and herbs.

Not ready to jump into making your own ferments yet? No problem! You’d be shocked to discover the foods you already enjoy that are fermented. Paula Widish goes over a few in her post, Fermented Foods for People Who Don’t Think They Like Them.

Let me warn you now, when you dive into the world of household cleaners, you will be horrified at what you find. The amount of toxic and dangerous chemicals in the cleaners you likely use daily will shock and enrage you. Fortunately, there are many on the market now that use clean, non-toxic ingredients. But these can be pricey.

The good news? DIY cleaners are astoundingly easy to make and usually cost far less! For example, check out this all-in-one bathroom cleaner you could likely make with ingredients you already have at home! Vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide have been in use for ages. Next, if you’re a Swiffer lover like myself, these DIY Swiffer wet pads could not be simpler.

For a full guide on household cleaners, I urge you to grab Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is! This quick read is full of shopping and health guides, including a section on cleaning supplies.

This is a concept I truly never thought about until I read a post SRP published in 2020. I knew about extreme contaminants like radon, lead, and mold and have had my home tested for those. But have you ever thought about other pollutants that may be lurking in your home?

Check out the post, Time to Clear the Air: Myths and Realities of Indoor Air Quality for the full rundown on these contaminants and easy ways you can alleviate them during your spring cleaning. This one’s a double win: spring clean the home and your body!

These are all but a few ideas to detox and cleanse yourself this wonderous season. SRP has a wide range of resources available on their blog and their shop to guide you in your cleansing journey.

Let’s refresh, rejuvenate and revive our bodies together!

What’s your go-to spring cleaning routine?

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