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In our journey through life, we often meet moments that call us to explore the deeper aspects of our existence. In my forthcoming book, “Becoming Soulful: Six Keys for Profound Client Transformation in Your Therapy, Coaching, or Healing Practice,” I explore the fascinating dance between our Human Self and Divine Self, the two key players in our spiritual and material existence.

” Spirituality: Developing a Strong Spiritual Foundation,” a chapter in the book, illustrates the continuous and dynamic interaction between our spirituality and our earthly existence. This dance is a harmonious blend of our cosmic consciousness—the Divine Self—and our Human Self, which translates spiritual awareness into actionable tasks in the material world.

Vision and Action: A Practical Example

Let’s say you want to change your job. Your Human Self begins the task, focusing on the details: updating your resume, assessing potential salaries, confronting fears, and outlining a realistic timeline for this transition. It tackles the logistics, ensuring that every step taken is grounded in reality and purposeful action.

Yet, it is your Divine Self that illuminates the path with a broader, fear-free perspective. It invites you to consider the expansive potential of what could be, aligning your job search with the greater vision for your life. It asks you to ponder not just the financial rewards but the holistic impact on your well-being and happiness, encouraging you to seek opportunities that support and nourish these aspects. It reminds you that you are greater and wiser than you think you are. It helps you be hopeful and trust.

When these two selves work in harmony, the job search becomes more than a series of tasks—it evolves into a journey toward personal greatness. This harmonious collaboration empowers you to step beyond the familiar limitations of your comfort zone and reach for what truly resonates with your soul’s purpose. Such an approach ensures that the new role you step into is not just a job, but a stepping stone to a more fulfilling and integrated life.

Our journey expands as we explore Spiritual Channels—concrete activities that ground our spirituality, such as meditation, yoga, or acts of kindness, nurturing our spiritual health.

But what happens when this journey faces challenges? When the dance between the Human and Divine seems out of sync?

Meet Cynthia

I witnessed such a moment in a coaching session with Cynthia, a client over 60, who found new excitement and purpose in competitive dancing. It was a practice that not only brought vibrancy to her life but also challenges.

Three days before a major competition, she expressed her terror during our mentoring session, and it was clear she was in turmoil. Despite her love for dance, she felt pressured by her dance teachers to participate without enough preparation time, leaving her feeling unheard and misunderstood.

Through guided visualization I made on the spot, combined with Reiki and heartfelt dialogue, we communicated with her inner wounded parts—the betrayed part, who felt let down by her teachers, and the angry part, who held resentment towards them. The session’s goal was not just to alleviate her distress but to invite her to dance with all aspects of herself, fostering a dialogue between the internal wounded parts and the more nurturing components of her being.

Inspired by the principles of IFS (Internal Family System) and integrated with my Soulful Healer method, we embarked on a soulful journey. Her soul led her to converse with her Spiritual Self, broadening her perspective to see the situation not as a challenge but as an opportunity.

It was in this moment of realization that she recognized the value of her Divine Self—how it could elevate her beyond the limitations of her fears, connecting her to something much bigger than the dance floor. Her Divine Self did not dismiss the Human Self but rather took its cooperation, for it is only with both that she could truly embody the connection with the source energy, with herself, and with her dance partner.

Her Divine Self’s broader perspective reminded her that dancing allowed her to be present in the glory, joy, and purpose of the moment. “I cannot feel that connection in my body without my Human Self,” she reflected. “But when my Divine Self kicks in, it takes me to a higher, more full and whole connection—a connection with something bigger than me, with my purpose, to be fully present in the joy of the moment and inspire others to do the same.

Her homework after our session was to use the insight that came up and write an empowering statement she can connect with daily, including the day of the competition.

The next day, she sent me her statement: “ When I dance, I embody my divine connection. My divine self smooths and reveals to me that I am connected with the universe, others, and myself. I have this power at all times, but when I dance, I can see and feel the truth of it.

This story reflects the essence of the dance between the Human Self and the Divine Self. It is a reminder that while our Divine Self offers a vision that exceeds the everyday, our Human Self enables us to bring that vision into reality. By nurturing both, we unlock our full potential, allowing us to live out our Soul Signature in everything we do.

As we move forward, let us not shy away from the dance but embrace it fully, stepping onto the stage of life with the confidence that comes from the harmonious interplay of our divine and human aspects. Let us dance, let us live, let us transform—soulfully and wholly.

Invitation to Embrace Spiritual Harmony

If you’re navigating through challenges such as feeling out of alignment, struggling to reconcile your inner vision with the outer world, or simply seeking a deeper connection with your divine essence, you’re not alone. Transforming these trials into a dance of personal growth and spiritual enlightenment is a journey we can embark on together.
I’m here to offer guidance and support as you seek a spiritual perspective that resonates with your unique path. By tapping into the wisdom of your Human Self and Divine Self, you’ll discover the steps to not only face your challenges but to transform them into powerful moments of insight and enlightenment.

For those who feel the call to delve deeper and are ready to receive guidance in harmonizing their spiritual and human experiences, I invite you to book a reading with me. Let’s uncover the messages your soul is eager to share and choreograph a life that’s in perfect alignment with your truest self.

Together, we’ll turn your life’s dance into a celebration of growth, connection, and soulful living.

A Message to My Fellow Professionals

In our roles as therapists, coaches, and healers, we strive not just for the well-being of our clients but also for the enrichment of our professional practice. The dance between the Divine and Human Selves is not only a framework for personal development but also a profound tool for enhancing therapeutic excellence.

Integrating the Divine and Human Selves into our professional methodology offers a transformative new perspective. It allows us to operate from a place of greater wholeness, acknowledging the full spectrum of experience—both material and spiritual. This integration empowers us to facilitate deeper change, guiding clients toward a harmonious inner union of their cosmic consciousness and earthly existence.

When we, as professionals, work in harmony with both our Divine and Human Selves, we model a balanced approach to life’s challenges. We become beacons of change, embodying the principles we teach. Our Divine Self helps us tap into wisdom, intuition, and elevated consciousness, bringing insight and inspiration to our practice. Our Human Self ensures we remain grounded in the practicalities and realities of our work, connecting deeply with the day-to-day experiences of those we serve.

As we cultivate this balance within ourselves, we become better equipped to help our clients do the same. We’re able to offer a therapeutic experience that challenges traditional techniques, inviting a holistic and soulful journey of healing. By incorporating the dance of the Human and Divine Selves into our sessions, we provide a space for clients to explore their spirituality as an integral part of their healing process.

This approach does more than address symptoms; it speaks to the soul, facilitating a profound and lasting transformation that resonates on all levels of being. As professionals, we have the privilege and responsibility to navigate this dance—not only for the betterment of our clients but as a continuous path of personal and professional growth.

If you are a professional—whether you’re a therapist, coach, social worker, counselor, or healing practitioner—and would like to discuss how to integrate this soulful approach within your work, I warmly invite you to reach out. Use this link to send me a message, and let’s explore how we can bring the dance of the Human and Divine Selves into the heart of your practice.

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