Weekly Astrology Forecast, May 19-25: Expanding Your Perceptions

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It’s a week that invites us to create space for something new as the Sun enters Gemini, the full Moon takes place in Sagittarius, and Venus and Jupiter in Gemini. It’s a week that expands our perceptions as well as our connections.

Weekly Astrology for May 19-25, 2024

Gemini season begins: May 20
Moon enters Scorpio: May 20
Venus conjunct Jupiter in Taurus: May 23
Sagittarius full Moon: May 23
Venus enters Gemini: May 23
Moon enters Sagittarius: May 23
Jupiter enters Gemini:  May 25
Moon enters Capricorn: May 25

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Sun Enters Gemini

Each month as the Sun moves through the zodiac and a new season begins in the cosmos, a new season begins within us, too. As the energy and the invitations shift, we find ourselves invited to shift by looking through a different lens and understanding the world through its point of view.

On May 20, 2024, the Sun leaves the grounded and patient sign of Taurus for the quick and excitable sign of Gemini. As we shift from earth to air signs, we move from the body into the mind. Here we are held within the invitations of curiosity and play. Just as air moves quickly and without bounds, so does Gemini through adaptability, learning, and communicating.

Just as air can clear stagnant energy, so can Gemini. It is the opening of a window to let in some air, clear out what is expired, and create more space.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter in Taurus

May 23, 2024, is the coming together of Venus and Jupiter in our cosmos. In astrology, Venus is love, beauty, balance and harmony whereas Jupiter is blessings, growth, and abundance. As these two celestial bodies align, our internal and outward experience is one of opportunity and hope. On the receiving end of Jupiter’s blessings are our spaces of self-love, worth, beauty, relationships, finances, art, and the simple pleasure of being alive. To be who you are. To be here together.

It’s a day that brings beauty and abundance, magnetism and hope, growth and self-love. It’s a day that creates space and opportunity to receive love. It’s a day that acts as a reminder from the stars that you are worthy and loved.

Full Moon in Sagittarius

The same day that Venus and Jupiter come together, we meet one of the most loving full Moon’s of the year.

The Sagittarius full Moon on May 23, 2024, is the blooming of a flower. It is the sweet scent of spring. It is the Sun on our skin. It is hope for the season ahead, trust in ourselves, and trust in the life that we are held within.

Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius as an archetype is expansive and abundant. It is here for freedom, adventure, higher possibilities, and vaster realities. It is here to open the mind, to widen the lens, and to expand the perspective. To dive into all that is possible. It burns with passion and adventure for life, here to explore, to play, and to be in life as deeply and widely as possible. It is beauty, wisdom, growth, and possibility.

While the Sun shines in Gemini, the full Moon reflects and illuminates in Sagittarius. It’s a Moon that looks toward the future and inspires our growth so that we may meet the bigness of the dreams calling our name. It’s a Moon inviting us to believe in ourselves and to believe that goodness and beauty are meant for us.

There is something rising on the horizon, and this lunation is the release, the surrender, the inspiration, the shift, and the opening so that we may rise along with it.

Illustration of the constellation Gemini
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Venus Enters Gemini

Venus enters Gemini on May 23, 2024, joining the Sun in the air sign just a day after she comes together with Jupiter. She will remain here until June 17, 2024.

Both Gemini and Venus hold something in common—they connect us with the world and with others around us. Venus is partnership, connection, balance, and harmony. Gemini is openness, communication, and learning. Venus in Gemini is playfulness in connection. It is an openness and curiosity into how another sees the world. It is connection through the mind, through our words, through listening, through exploring the experiences of those we desire to understand. And it is allowing these insights to change us, to add to our experience, to widen our lens, and open our minds.

Venus in Gemini is a beautiful time to express yourself amongst your loved ones and allow them the space to do the same, observing what shifts and opens within you as you do so.

Jupiter Enters Gemini

This week holds gift after gift, including one of the most anticipated astrological events of the year, Jupiter in Gemini. After spending a year in Taurus, Jupiter enters Gemini on May 25, 2024, and will travel in the air sign until June 9, 2025.

The largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter expands whatever it touches, bringing a beautiful trail of growth and opportunities. Gemini is the energy of variety. It reminds us that various viewpoints, perspectives, interests, personalities, ways of living, can all exist at once.

While in Gemini, Jupiter initiates a chapter that invites us to expand our minds, open to new collaborations and connections, and embrace the child within each us—the one that is open, curious, excitable, and experimental. It’s a year of healing our relationship with our own sense of adaptability, allowing ourselves to shift, pivot, and open to new ways when we are guided. It is a year of healing our relationship with learning and communicating, connecting and sharing. And it is a year that invites us to become once again a student of life by inviting us to consider new ways of seeing things, understanding life and others, and making space so we may come to consider different opinions and ways of being in the world.

While this transit touches each of us individually, on a collective level we may find that we are invited to come into a space where we can accept the variety living within this collective body—and perhaps even embrace it.

Your Invitation

It’s a week of gifts. It’s also a week to tend to the mind. Whereas Taurus season tended to the safety we feel within ourselves, the shift into Gemini season builds on that safety. The changes invite you to look at your trust in life and that general belief in goodness that sits at the foundation of all that you do, think, believe, and experience. How do you want to see the world? How do you desire to see yourself? Can you open yourself more to life and to its possibilities?

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