What Bridget Learned During Her Weight Loss Journey—From 385 to 184 Pounds

Every month, we feature a MyFitnessPal testimonial to serve as weight loss inspiration as you embark on your own journey.

Name: Bridgett M.
Age: 39
Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
MyFitnessPal User Since: 2013

Meet Bridgett, a single mom from Birmingham, Alabama whose weight loss journey—like so many—wasn’t linear. 

Bridgett was inspired to try MyFitnessPal after meeting with a dietitian. But she sustained her motivation by anchoring her WHAT (losing weight) to her WHY: getting healthy for herself and her daughter. 

Through food-logging, patience, and staying consistent, Bridgett saw results she never thought were possible. Read on to learn more about Bridgett’s journey from 385 to 184 pounds*. 

Growing up, what was your relationship with food like?

Food was my bestie! I emotionally ate a lot growing up. 

What was your relationship with your weight?

I felt like my self-worth was connected to my weight. I felt that my weight held me back from everything I wanted in life, but food was a total comfort for me. I felt trapped. I couldn’t go to theme parks because I was too big for the rides. I always need seat belt extenders for plane rides. I didn’t like the clothing options in my size. 

What motivated you to start making changes?

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes when I was 27 years old. It was very devastating and life changing.

What goals did you set for yourself at the beginning of your journey?

I just wanted to get below 200 pounds. I picked that number because it seemed unattainable at the time. 

When and how did you discover the MyFitnessPal app? What made you decide to use it?

I was encouraged by a dietitian to track my food, so I could get an idea of my calorie intake and to track any habits. I didn’t like writing everything down, so I looked for an app to help me track.

Can you describe a specific moment or experience that served as a turning point in your health journey—one that made you realize you were on the right path?

Once I got below 200 pounds, I truly felt empowered! I had weight loss surgery but went through childbirth, a divorce, and then transitioned into single motherhood in a very short amount of time. I began to go back to emotional eating but realized that not only did I need to get healthy for myself, but also for my daughter.

How has tracking your food impacted your eating habits, food choices, and/or your relationship with food and your body image?

Tracking is now part of my everyday life—it’s a habit, like taking a shower.

Thinking back to the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of your journey, what goals have you achieved? (In other words, where are you now in your health journey?)

I’m the smallest I’ve ever been in weight but also I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been! My doctor is so proud of me and my blood work speaks for itself.

I went hiking in a Belizean rainforest and went snorkeling for my birthday recently. It felt amazing! These are things I never imagined doing prior to weight loss because I would have been too tired.

What goals do you want to achieve next?

I’m currently working on toning overall and drinking more water. Sustaining my healthy eating and fitness routines are my always-on goals, too.

What have you learned about yourself during your health journey so far?

I learned that I am so much stronger than I realized! Healthy living is truly one decision at a time. I feel stronger, healthier and happier, and just so much better physically and mentally. I’m finally becoming the woman that I always knew that was in me!

How has this journey impacted your overall health and well-being, both physically and mentally?

My outlook on life is always “glass half full”. I no longer equate my self-worth to the number on the scale. 

What have you learned on your health and weight journey that you’d like to impart on your daughter?

When I embarked on my weight loss journey, I also started on a self-love journey. I start each day with gratitude, but that is something I had to learn over the years. I had to learn to love 385-pound Bridgett to become the woman I am today. This journey of self love is definitely being passed to my daughter, especially in teaching her to not only speak kindly about others, but to herself, too. 

And finally, what advice would you give to others who are considering using MyFitnessPal? Feel free to include any food-logging hacks you may have discovered.

Please give it a shot! I never thought logging my food would be a part of my life but it is second nature now.

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**As always, everyone’s weight loss story is different. Weight loss is hard work, and involves a healthy diet and exercise. Most people can expect to lose 1-2 lbs per week. 

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