What the Full Moon in Sagittarius Means for You

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This full Moon in Sagittarius is a time to acknowledge where you’re making fear-based decisions. It’s a time to become aware of routines and ruts that you’ve formed to cling to the familiar. It’s also a time to face your fears of the unknown and take leaps of faith that help you grow.

When is the Full Moon in Sagittarius?

The full Moon in Sagittarius takes place on May 23, 2024.

An illustration of the phases of the Moon and the amount of illumination as perceived from Earth. (Illustration: mikroman6 | Getty )

What does the Full Moon in Sagittarius Mean for You?

The energies of a full Moon can bring tremendous change and transformation. This is a time to release what is no longer serving us. With the full Moon being the brightest night of the lunar cycle, there is nowhere to hide. Similarly, we may come face-to-face with our own shadows. Any internal blockages we may be experiencing are illuminated under this light. The full Moon is like an accountability partner that says, “Remember those things you wanted to change? Today is the day.”

Sagittarius is the eternal student of the zodiac, forever wandering the globe in search of new knowledge and perspectives. This energy compels us to be curious and leave our comfort zones. It encourages us to open our minds to new perspectives and experiences. It also asks us to take the road less traveled. The energy of Sagittarius is not concerned with the familiar. It craves newness from every angle.

Boredom is the death of Sagittarius. Routines and predictability have no place in this energy. Sagittarius wants us to feel confused. It asks us to throw everything we know up in the air and allow the pieces to land where they may. It’s only by shuffling life into disarray that we can connect the dots in new ways, finding connections we may have missed if we had kept everything neat and tidy.

Sagittarius compels us to take leaps of faith, trusting that the best will unfold. This energy helps us focus on the good and, in that attention, cultivate more positive vibrations throughout life. This energy dares us to take a chance, even if we don’t know the outcome.

Sagittarius teaches us that we can always find the higher meaning in any situation, even those that don’t go according to plan. Sagittarius wants us to walk into unfamiliar territory with the inner confidence that the best-case scenario will occur, even if we have to find it. We do not need to take the familiar road out of fear of the unknown.

During this full Moon in Sagittarius, remind yourself that the Universe is always looking out for you. Ask yourself how you can shake things up a little. Step out of your comfort zone and align with the energy of hope to heal the part of yourself scared of the unknown. Acknowledge your fears when they come and learn from them, but resist their control.

A line drawing of the astrological sign of Sagittarius along with its glyph and its constellation.
More than a little fiesty, the fire sign of Sagittarius propels us to follow our curiosity and our desire for adventure all the way through to our target. (Illustration: Veronika Oliinyk | Getty)

Fear is an interesting emotion. It serves us well during crucial times of our lives but also blocks our growth when it governs all of our decisions. When feeling fear, ask yourself if it is really warranted. Is there a genuine threat to your well-being, or is fear misplaced? What fear is essential to keep you safe, and what fear is blocking your growth or preventing you from following your intuition?

The full Moon in Sagittarius has the power to help you understand which fears need to stay and which ones should go. It also opens up the door to believing the best can happen. We spend much of our time “what if-ing” ourselves and envisioning the worst-case scenario. This catastrophic thinking only serves to block our ability to manifest and recognize best-case scenarios. Worrying about the future does not help you in any way. It may feel like you are preparing for different scenarios or controlling outcomes, but really you are just depleting your energy.

Being present and assuming that the best will happen is essential to working with this full Moon. Challenge yourself to remain in this state of mind for at least the day. When intrusive thoughts enter, counter them with affirmations that state the opposite.

What Does the Full Moon in Sagittarius With the Sun in Gemini Mean?

Of all the opposing signs, Sagittarius and Gemini are the most similar. They both ask us to be curious, widen our perspectives, and connect with others to learn and unlearn. We are working with both of these energies as the Sun sits in Gemini and the Moon sits in Sagittarius. As these two oppose each other for our full Moon, we are given the opportunity to shed both Gemini’s and Sagittarius’s lower vibrations and embrace the higher ones.

With the power of the full Moon, we shift stagnant energy that has blocked our efforts to grow and manifest our intentions. Full Moons are powerful times for release. It’s up to you to decide what you want to shift this day and allow the Moon to help you make these changes.

Gemini governs our communication. This energy shows up when we are exchanging information and connecting with the world around us. When we align with the higher vibrations of Gemini, we remain openminded and curious. We understand that our knowledge is limited and everyone is our teacher. Gemini’s highest vibrations are that of a researcher—inquisitive, nonjudgmental, and open to all possibilities.

Gemini’s energy also moves quickly and allows us to immediately scan an environment, a project, or even an email for details. When we align with the opportunities Gemini presents, we become fascinated by the world around us, desiring to know everything we can about its mysteries. We become the observer, which in turn makes us less reactive to our emotions. Gemini’s high side allows us to detach from our emotions while remaining present with them. When we are less reactive to our feelings, they lose the power to control us, becoming merely information.

This nonreactive state allows us to continue learning without closing our minds due to fear, misunderstanding, or anxiety. It also allows us to receive messages from the Universe. When we are open to different forms of communication, we open ourselves to receiving signs from the world around us. Gemini’s energy can help us receive much-needed information on our paths if we are willing to acknowledge it.

Every energy has a low and a high side. Gemini’s low, or shadow, side includes judgment, close-mindedness, and ungrounded energy. When we align with this side, our nervous energy takes over and we become fearful of the world around us. The mind races from one thought to another, with nothing to center it. We react to our emotions either with anxiety or by numbing ourselves so we feel nothing at all. In this state, we cannot correctly process our feelings and they wreak havoc behind the scenes.

In an attempt to balance this lower vibratory state of Gemini, we often overanalyze and overthink everything. To control the anxiety, we inundate ourselves and the people around us with questions while we look for answers. We ignore intuition and insist that logic is the only way. We also miss signs and messages that can give us information from the Universe. We disconnect from universal wisdom and our inner knowledge.

If you find yourself aligning with the lower frequencies of Gemini on this full Moon in Sagittarius or at any time, ground yourself through your breath and body. Do some yoga to connect with your physical energy and take yourself out of your head. Try to feel your emotions, even if they scare you. Rely on the communication Gemini offers to journal, talk to a friend, or listen as someone talks to you.

A line drawing of the astrological sign of Gemini along with its glyph and its constellation.
Commonly referred to as “the twins,” Gemini is a quick-thinking air sign whose talents include the capacity to take in information without obscuring it with emotion. (Illustration: Veronika Oliinyk | Getty)

Challenge yourself to open your mind and suspend judgment, even if for a moment. You just need to be open to communicating with yourself and the world around you in the present moment.

Sagittarius, much like Gemini, encourages us to explore. The high side of Sagittarius is optimistic. It sees the world as one integrated whole where everything is connected. When we align with this higher vibration, we trust that everything will work out how it’s meant to, even in the face of adversity. Sagittarius’s high-side energy allows us to see life as a perpetual journey of unraveling truths. There is no end point, and we can never exhaust the world’s knowledge. There are always new truths to learn and new perspectives to incorporate into our own understanding.

The high side of Sagittarius shows us the infinite potential of our consciousness and encourages us to expand it with every opportunity. In this frequency, we become open to receiving new truths. We trust the journey of life and know that even if we stumble, we are still learning. Life becomes an evolving experience where there are no failures, no wrong turns, and no mistakes. There are just new realities to encounter that will expand our consciousness to new levels. With each level, we evolve our energy and broaden our connection with the Universe.

Sagittarius, in its shadow side, loses faith. When we align with this vibration, we lose trust in ourselves, our paths, even the Universe. We question the meaning of our existence and allow ourselves to fall into a downward spiral of questions that even the greatest philosophers cannot answer.

Sagittarius, in its lowest state, causes us to experience an existential crisis, preventing us from moving forward in life. We become stuck in an infinite loop of contemplation. We fail to launch into something new and question the point of everything. We question the meaning of our lives and the meaning of everything that has happened to us. We expect disappointment and take a pessimistic view of our journeys. Fear-based decisions control us, and we may even start assuming worst-case scenarios, focusing on the negative. Life begins to feel pointless in this vibration.

If you find yourself in this lower frequency of Sagittarius, take even the smallest step forward into something new. Even if you cannot take a huge leap, find some way to bring new energy into your life. Make a breakthrough in your energy by taking a chance in any direction. Remind yourself of the higher meaning of your life and focus on the positive of a past event, even if it’s challenging to find it. Take a broad look at your life in the context of the planet and see the point of it all.

Another low side of Sagittarius is self-righteousness and judgment. When we align with this side, we assume our experiences have made us more knowledgeable than those around us. We seek to bestow our thoughts and opinions on others, even if those thoughts and opinions are unsolicited. We believe that everyone wants to hear our views because our views are the best.

This type of energy shuts down our ability to receive new information. It closes our minds and makes us judge anyone who does not agree with us. It can also cause us to judge those who are different, seeing them not as teachers but rather as threats to our understanding of the world.

If you find yourself aligning with this side, try on a different viewpoint. See something through a new lens or perhaps through another person’s eyes. If you find yourself feeling judgmental, try to see the world from another perspective. You can also try a judgment detox. Write down all of your judgments, including those of yourself, and notice any patterns. What are your habitual ways of judging? Where do they come from? Next, identify how the way you judge yourself impacts the way you judge others. By bringing awareness to your judgments, you shift them and encourage a new way of perceiving the world.

Know that it’s okay to align with the lower frequencies of these signs. We all have experienced these vibrations to some degree. Notice if you are judging yourself, and instead practice compassion for your journey. Take the opportunity this full Moon offers to notice any of these patterns in yourself and then shift them. It may feel uncomfortable to step into a new vibration. But know that, over time, the new frequencies you cultivate will feel like home.

Other Astrological Influences on the Full Moon in May 2024

There are a few other cosmic energies at play on this day. The full Moon forms an exact sextile aspect with Pluto in Aquarius while the Sun in Gemini forms an exact trine with the small planet.

Pluto’s energy helps us heal from our past. It places our trauma against the larger background of our overall life. Pluto in Aquarius helps us heal parts of ourselves that prevent us from embracing our potential and unique genius. Often, we hold on to the past because our mind or energy still hasn’t integrated the experience. We may still be trying to figure something out. Perhaps there was an associated emotion that we could not confront or didn’t have the tools to unravel. When we remain attached to the past, it steals our energy. It takes away from our resources that we could use to move forward and grow.

The full Moon in Sagittarius is an invitation to look at old wounds that prevent you from expanding or taking a leap of faith. Is there something from your past that is holding you back? And what do you need to help you process it?

Over this full Moon, with the help of Pluto, look at what is holding you back from truly stepping into your power. What is preventing you from speaking your truth or taking up the space you deserve? What is holding you back from building the life you know is yours? Then listen to the answers. If it’s your attachments to your past that are holding you back, understand your past from a higher vantage.

Once you free yourself from your past by finding the lesson, then you’ll be free to walk into an expanded future. Detach from your past pain. It may feel scary to be without something that may have been with you for years. Ask yourself who you would be without it.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and ruler of Sagittarius, sits right next to Venus in the final degree of Taurus this full Moon. The two will enter Gemini together in a matter of days. This conjunction expands our hearts. It’s a reminder to always love yourself and let that love ultimately help you find your power. This is also a grounding energy that has the potential to help you find your breath and body as you move through this fast-paced Moon.

Spend time this full Moon connecting with things you love. Slow down and enjoy life through little moments of bliss today. Let this heart connection expand you and help you release what no longer serves you. Your heart always knows. Listen to it and allow this intuition to ground you.

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Your Invitation

Full Moons have a reputation for being times of intense energy when everything feels amplified. When your challenges and uncomfortable feelings are amplified, so is your potential. However, while the empowering force of the full Moon may be effective for doing inner work and work within a spiritual realm, give yourself a little grace during this time and allow for rest and restoration. Be compassionate and patient with yourself.

Throughout this full Moon in Sagittarius, notice what it feels like to operate from a vibration of fear. Notice how fear affects your decisions and your ability to listen to your intuition. Your inner knowledge is grounded in the present. It comes through quickly and feels like a flash of brilliance or insight.

Fear, on the other hand, comes with much overthinking. It can be visceral but leads you on a downward spiral, where you can no longer hear yourself. All you can hear is fear. On this Full Moon, learn about your fears and understand how they control your narratives. What stories do your fears tell you? How do your fears impact your ability to listen to and be guided by your inner knowledge? Notice how fear has controlled you in the past, and commit to not allowing it to control you in the future. Step into unknown territory by making decisions based on your assumption the best will happen instead of those based in fear.

When you block your expansion through limiting beliefs, you also make it more difficult for the people in your life to support you. Whatever resistance lives in the energetic body can be perceived by others, and even if you vocalize confidence and belief in yourself, your energy can communicate otherwise. This doubtfulness can even be detected by the Universe, signaling that you still have work to do until you are ready for a new chapter of your life. The full Moon brings you an opportunity to do the work needed to remove these stagnant vibrations.

Sagittarius teaches you that life is always handing you wisdom in different forms. You are continually growing and evolving. Some of these lessons may not be what you consciously want, and they may even leave you with negativity, but ultimately they help you become the person you are meant to be in this life.

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