What You See Versus The Real Me

In the service of countering the social comparison phenomenon and facilitating a sense of common humanity – that we all experience the full range of emotion – we are starting the #ShareDontCompare Challenge on social media. Our goal is to inspire each other to share a more whole and well-rounded picture of life as we experience it – shiny stuff and messy stuff all intertwined. To participate, take a video of yourself with the following script, filling it in with your own experience:

“Hi I’m [NAME] and I’m doing the Share Don’t Compare Challenge to shed light on the real experience of being a human being beyond all that shiny stuff you see on social media. So, what you see is [fill in the blank with something people see on social media]. The real me [fill in the blank with something vulnerable that you would like to share but don’t typically]. So that’s me. I’d like nominate [NAME AND TAG TWO PEOPLE] to do the Share Don’t Compare Challenge. Spread the word, nominate 2 friends, share on social media, and add the hashtags #sharedontcompare and #therealme.”

Sharing our difficult moments helps us all to know that to struggle does not make us inadequate – it is actually a key part of what makes us beautiful.  


If you or someone you love needs support and might benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) for anxiety, panic, phobias, stress, PTSD, OCD, or insomnia, or if you would like more information about our therapy services, please contact us at (858) 354-4077 or at info@csamsandiego.com

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